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Jamaica: PNP wins in landslide election victory. Turns out that homophobia does not win in Jamaica.

Political cartoonist and JLP support ‘Clovis’ smears gays, PNP…

The People’s National Party (PNP) has claimed victory over the incumbent Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in today’s parliamentary elections in Jamaica. The post-result political analyses are best left for others. For me, I find it encouraging that homophobic campaigning against the PNP in reaction to its stated position on equal rights for gays to serve in parliamentand a review to repeal the buggery law, clearly made no impact on the majority of voters today.

If it’s not political suicide in Jamaica, I can’t imagine it being so anywhere else in the Caribbean.

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Shurwayne Winchester doesn’t condone human trafficking, but…

I challenge you to watch this music video by Trinidadian soca star Shurwayne Winchester and to tell me that he and his creative team aren’t idiots.

Let’s be frank about it.

In the intro to this controversial flick, which I’ve only just seen, a locked container filled with women comes to Trinidad from Cuba, a thug pays off a dealer for the cargo, and the gang of newly-purchased humans go on to pole dance in bars for Winchester’s pleasure. It’s so stupid that you’d laugh, if only the depiction of human trafficking and dehumanised women wasn’t so stark.

Who does that? It also doesn’t help that Trinidad & Tobago was criticised in the latest UN Report on Trafficking in Persons for not fully complying with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.

Winchester later issued a half-assed statement on the matter saying that he had no direct control of the scripting of the introductory scene, and has since cut it from the official video.

Adding insult to injury, the national flag of Trinidad & Tobago - Winchester’s own country - is upside down for the entire video.

Shame, Shurwayne.

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Jamaican politicians contemplate whether gays should be allowed to serve in parliament

The thorny, yet delicate issue of showing tolerance to politicians with homosexual or gay tendencies has become more topical in recent years, with claims of irregular conduct among members on both sides of the Jamaican political fence.

The fact that this question is even being asked says a lot. I can’t even be moved to comment any further, but you can read more at the Jamaica Observer.

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UN peacekeepers gang rape Haitian boy. What next for MINUSTAH?

A video has emerged that shows four Uruguayan troops from the UN’s mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) drunkenly laughing as they rape an 18 year old Haitian boy.

MINUSTAH, by the way, is in Haiti to “restore a secure and stable environment, as well as to promote and to protect human rights.”

In his excellent commentary, The Guardian’s Mark Weisbrot questioned, “is this MINUSTAH’s Abu Ghraib moment?” It may be, but will anything change?

Already, a Uruguayan navy lieutenant has confirmed the authenticity of the video, but allegedly called the abuse “a game” and said it was not sexual in nature. “It’s a young guy who is normally around here, like these people,” he said, pointing to a Haitian family sitting outside their home twenty yards away. He said the soldiers engaged in “some kind of bullying, but nothing more.”

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