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America’s justice system is, quite frankly, scary.




This white dude is crying because he just received a one-year sentence for a hate crime in which he and maybe a dozen other white dudes beat up a black teenager with fists, feet, knives and beer bottles, even after the teen was unconscious. The highest sentence dealt for this crime was three years. The assistant attorney had recommended eight years. 

Read more at Resist Racism

One.  Year.

There are PoC (particularly young men of color) who get more than a year for possession of marijuana with no intent to distribute, and that’s after they got seriously fucked up by the police.  If this was a group of black men who beat up a white man, you can sure as hell bet they’d be getting the recommended eight years as a minimum.

Tell me again the justice system isn’t racist.

What a conveniently-lenient (RIP Troy Davis), justice system.

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